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the prophecy of Celaeno

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Celaeno is one of three sisters who are the Harpies of Greek mythology, winged creatures who are agents of punishment, abducting and torturing people on their way to Tartarus. As are her sisters, she is cruel, vicious and violent, and is viewed as a personification of the destructive nature of wind. Celaeno means "the dark", and she is also known as Podarge, "fleet-foot". They live on the islands of Strophades in the Ionian Sea.

She is also the lover of the west wind Zephyrus, and bore him two sons in the form of horses, Balios and Xanthos. Her parents are Thaumas and the Oceanid Elektra, who are also the parents of the goddess Iris. Celaeno only considers her fellow harpies, Aello and Ocypete, her true sisters.

Harpies have been ascribed different forms over the centuries - most notably that of beautiful women, or horrific winged creatures with an eagle's talons. For the purposes of RP, Celaeno can assume either form at her will. In both forms, she is tall with dark hair (or feathers) and piercing eyes. She can also take the form of a harpy eagle itself.

Celaeno is the personification of a dark, stormy wind. As such, she can create this weather pattern on whim. She can also fly higher and faster than any known bird and has enhanced strength. Lastly, she has the power to curse those she feels have wronged her or her sisters.

Celaeno is from Greek Mythology, and is public domain.
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